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She seemed pretty positive about the whole situation and had even gone on a ‘babymoon’ before her bundle of joy arrived. It was the darkest and longest period of my life, where I faced complete upheaval by moving back home away from all my friends in London. Just as I was preparing to put my feet up for maternity leave, my baby’s movements were reduced. And nearly a year after that pregnancy test, I’m still reeling. If you’re single, pregnant and end up with a premature baby, then you’re in for a real treat…(and message me, you mythical creature!Except Christine had two older brothers who were clearly destined to be the perfect male role models. Fast forward five terrifying days in hospital and my baby boy L was delivered by emergency c-section at 30 6. I had to ride the NICU rollercoaster for six weeks before I could bring him home. The couple was only 50 feet from the parking lot when a rattlesnake came OUT OF NOWHERE and bit Johnny in the leg.A park ranger just so happened to be driving by, so the trio desperately waved to get his attention.

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I was thrilled to discover Christine Coppa’s amazing book a few weeks later; Christine seemed to be my perfect soulmate, another career woman who had fallen pregnant while dating. The endless forum threads always promise the mum-to-be that things that things will get better – but the control freak in me wanted to know exactly how bad it could get!

We try to look smart, witty and interesting, but the effort required to do this leaves less brain power to filter what we say and to whom.” That makes a lot of sense, I mean I’ve definitely overshared when I’ve been nervous and wanted to make a good impression. Ask yourself, is the information “need to know”, “nice to know” or “not necessary”? Here Are Some Topics To Avoid: Once you get to know each other better, different topics come up naturally as you deal with day to day life, but they don’t need to know this information in the beginning because it really does make you less desirable.

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