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So thanks, hopefully I can start by trying to learn my native language, then math.I'm just hoping that it's not just "food for thought", but a start towards a path I've always wanted to be on. Learn about the rash of recent cases, plus a look at historically pertinent court cases. His theory of evolution tells us that humans evolved from non-human life as the result of a natural process, one that was both gradual, happening over billions of years, and random.It tells us that new life forms arise from the splitting of a single species into two or more species, and that all life on Earth can trace its origins back to a single common ancestor.Do you wish other people believed you were smarter?The latter may be simpler than the former, but whether you genuinely want to increase your intellectual capacity, or just want to reap the benefits of appearing more intellectual, there are some concrete steps you can take to achieve you goal. The want is always there, but the doing is missing.The team created a model, called the Intelligence-Mismatch Association Model, which tries to explain why intelligence seems to be negatively associated with being religious.Deepening Your Intellect in a Meaningful Way Appearing More Intelligent Community Q&A Do you wish you were smarter?

In addition to explaining the project, this page also provides many links that document the broad and deep acceptance of common descent by the scientific community. The creation 'science' field known as OOPARTS, or "Out Of Place ARTifact S" is a lively area of study with numerous examples.Colin Patterson, senior paleontologist at the British Museum of Natural History, is frequently quoted by creationists as having said that there are no transitional fossils. This paper will examine the most popular and least understood specimen, the Coso Artifact.

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