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08-Nov-2017 06:40

(Jas and Wayne are also said to be currently at odds.) Now how’s this for a doozy?

Singer Nivea dated Lil’ Wayne in 2002 (see: “Something You Forgot“) and also mothered his baby boy in 2009.

Baby Dwayne is about 14 months old and was born last year to Weezy’s onetime galpal, Sarah.

Sarah was, at one point, a nail technician in Ohio, but has since moved to Atlanta and is a regular on the social scene now.

[Nivea:] Wee-zy [Wayne:] Higher [Nivea:] Wee-zy [Wayne:] Higher [Nivea:] Wee-zy [Wayne:] Higher [Nivea:] Wee-zy [Wayne:] Her man is [Nivea:] Wee-zy [Wayne:] Higher [Nivea:] Wee-zy [Wayne:] Higher [Nivea:] Wee-zy [Wayne:] Her man is [Nivea:] Wee-zy [Lil Wayne:] I'm so G I fuck that for leaf, I make love to my gal then I fuck the police She hold my weed in her pussy when we duck the police but I won't let her hold my Pistol cause she might tuck the police cause she's a gangsta [Nivea:] Street dime, three times lied for you, trialed for you ride for you, we squad, and Oh Weezy F Baby I love you so I'm never ever gonna let you go [Hook:] [Wayne:] I know she feelin' me I no she wantin' me [Wayne:] She feelin me [Nivea:] I'm feelin you [Wayne:] She wantin me [Nivea:] I'm wantin you [Wayne:] I'm feelin her [Nivea:] You feelin me [Wayne:] I'm wantin her [Nivea:] He wantin me [Hook] [Bridge: Nivea] I don't know (ok ok) what you've been told but I've (what dat is) been ready To roll and ride (what dat is) from the day we both laid eyes (ok) on each other So we can do (what) that Bonnie and Clyde thing, me and you (ok) the feelin that's Inside is so true (ok) baby boi I'm gon squad it for you [Lil Wayne:] And I'm feelin that so I, need a girl that knows the ups and downs, and knows to Go down and get up when I touch down, keep a nigga up when I touch ground Keep her nigga nature up, keep a nigga neighbors up with them Fuck sounds Financially stable so she livin plush now, plus she can roll, cook it, and bag it ,and cut now Now we at the table when tryin to discuss vows, I kno we young but fuck y'all [Bridge: Nivea] I don't know what you've been told but I've, been ready to roll and ride, from The day we first laid eyes on each other, so we can do that bonnie and clyde thing Me and you (ok) the feelin that's inside is so true (ok) baby boi I'm gon squad it out for you [Nivea Half Hook:] I'm feelin you, I want you, You feelin me, You wantin me [Hook:] OK, OK, OK, OK, OK...

OK, OK, OK, OK, Go on and hate, go on and hate,go hate, go hate Ok ,ok ,ok ,go on and hate ,give you our wedding date!!

I was wondering the other day what the status of Nivea’s cervix was….seeing as how, according to various gossip blogs, she’s been in labor 3-4 times already, lol.

Not to mention, from what the looks of it, Nivea was about 13 months pregnant the last time she was photographed out and about in Atlanta.

Reginae’s mom is Toya (of BET’s Now Toya and Weezy were high school sweethearts back in New Orleans.She was also previously married to The-Dream, who tied the knot to Milian in 2009 and divorced two years later.Toya Wright recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Vlad TV, and opened up about what it's like being around Lil Wayne's baby mothers.This makes it almost commendable that he is so open with that aspect of his life, being only 16 when he had his first child.

The year was 1998, the date was November 29, Reginae Carter was born to Dwayne Carter and Antonia ‘Toya’ Wright.

The "Tiny & Toya" star says that she gets along with Lauren London and Nivea the best, adding "we do what we have to do to keep the kids' relationship good." The conversation then turns to Nivea saying that she doesn't approve of Lil Wayne dating Christina Milian, and Toya agrees that "it's a hot mess." Peep the above video to hear more of what Toya had to say about the situation.

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