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He blurted out that he was already in love with me on our second day together.He saw the buxom shape of a relatively industrious and intelligent woman who was writing a novel, who worked in politics, sings Garth Brooks with the windows down, and named her cat Scarlett O’Hara. I liked this ambitious and light-hearted version of me, too.He knew these facts, but he didn’t understand them or ask pertinent questions about them, how they might be interrelated or how they were impacting our fledgling relationship.Maybe he thought he was allowing me the space to express what I wanted to say about them, but to me he was simply enamored with the idea of me, like his many predecessors.There are three NBA titles, Olympic gold and other prizes acquired while playing with the Spurs and for his native Argentina.The best might be the one he married in 2004 — Marianela Orono.Pass him a Coke—Buffet admits he often drinks six a day, often in combination with Utz Potato Stix.He’s also known to have ice cream for breakfast, and has a number of junk food brands on his investment roster, including Oreos and Velveeta cheese.

For those fans of Jenny’s that are attracted to her and find themselves rubbing one out to images of her, you fans can rest assured that she is as horny and as likely to rub one out as you are.They may have the cash flow to afford private chefs and piles of caviar, but this crew follows their gut (literally) when it comes to food.From diet coke binges to superstitious waffles and lunch in the evening—here are some of the stranger appetites of the rich and famous.Italian model Elena Santarelli, who has a son with former Italy international Bernardo Corradi, wears a creation part of the Pin Up Stars women's fashion collection for the Spring/Summer 2007, shown in Milan, Italy, Saturday, Sept. (Luca Bruno/AP) Pamela Diaz, girlfriend of Manuel Neira, soccer player of Union Espanola from Chile, right to left, poses during a soccer fashion show in Munich, southern Germany, on Wednesday, June 7, 2006.

The opening match of the Soccer World Cup 2006 will be played in the World Cup stadium in Munich on Friday, June 9, 2006 between host Germany and Costa Rica.

Usain Bolt just slashed two tenths off his world record 100-meter sprint time, crushing it—and opponent Justin Gatlin— in 9.79 seconds in Bejing over the weekend.