Wont boot after updating bios

13-Dec-2017 11:59

wont boot after updating bios-67

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Hi I updated the bios on my GE62 2QF to the latest version.

I followed every step that was instructed by msi and in the end it said the update was successful. After msi logo It just goes to bios every time I restart it or switch it on. I checked the boot order priority on bios and everything looks OK. hii got the same problembut i solve it in 5 minwhen you update bios everything in bios goes defaultyou need change sata mode to uefimines go to Ahci or something like that and i change it to uefihope that works for you tooif you need more information about sata mode i can send you a picture from optionsry for bad languagethanks for your reply. there are only 3 options and they are IDE, AHCI and I fixed it some other way.

WIFI driver 5. I get 8-12 hrs use per charge using SLEEP mode. When posting for help, please include Your Model Particulars Casters T100 Master Help Guide My stuff!

WIFI driver 5. I get 8-12 hrs use per charge using SLEEP mode.

so I installed a new windows and everything is working fine for now but I have to keep the boot mode on Legacy to have a normal boot. doesn't boot windows, DVD rom or anything else again and goes to bios every time.

Hi guys, I recently bought a MSI laptop, and decided to update the BIOS.

So, the first thing you’re gonna need to do is get into the BIOS.

wont boot after updating bios-78

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After you updated driver, if Windows did not start successfully, the driver might have problems.Diagnosing the Problem Fixing a PC That Won't Start Fixing POST Problems Fixing Windows Boot Issues Community Q&A There are few things more frustrating than a computer that won't boot up.Troubleshooting boot issues on a PC can be difficult, because there are so many factors at play, both software and hardware.However after the update my laptop just doesn't boot anything, no USB, no hard drive, nothing. I already enabled/disabled secure boot, used UEFI etc.

wont boot after updating bios-14

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and tried to flash the BIOS again, but nothing worked.There usually is a way to reset the BIOS back to the original (first).

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